Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carolina Women’s Specialists part of Palmetto Health Tuomey?

NO! CWS is not part of Palmetto Health Tuomey, but our obstetrics providers do deliver at Palmetto Health Tuomey.

Is CWS a Free Clinic?

NO. A sliding fee discount is available to patients who qualify, based on income and family size. You may apply for the sliding-fee discount during registration or you can print out the form and bring the completed application to your first visit. Please see “How to Become a New Patient.” This will also provide the list of documentation you will need to bring to prove income and household information for the application.

What are my Payment Options and Methods?

CWS accepts most private insurances (See List), Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare and sliding fee discounts for those without insurance and who qualify. CWS accepts Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and money order as modes of payment.

What if I get sick after hours or on the weekend?

For unexpected problems, we offer round-the-clock coverage for your gynecology and obstetrics problems. If you need to reach a provider after hours, patients should call CWS’s after-hours phone at (803)795–7342.

What if I get sick, but do not have an appointment?

CWS offers work-in appointments. Our commitment to you remains the same and our work-in providers give our patients the same quality health care you expect when you come in for an appointment.

What other services does Carolina Women’s Specialists offer?

CWS offers Spanish interpretation for our patients. We also offer medication Assistance Programs. Patients who qualify for discounts also may qualify to use our Drug Assistance programs through Pfizer’s Sharing the Care and Astra Zeneca’s AZ&Me programs. Our pharmacy is located at 1278 N. Lafayette Dr., Sumter, SC.

Why should I go to CWS instead of other doctor's offices if I have insurance?

The CWS providers and staff deliver excellent women’s healthcare to all of our patients whether they have insurance or not. Our providers have decades of experience and you can expect the same compassionate and consistent care that you have always received. Our staff will help you apply for discounts using the sliding fee discount program. If you were to lose your health insurance, you will never be turned away. Uninsured patient, in our sliding fee program, pay what they can, which is most often less than the cost of care.

What are your hours of operation?

Click here for information about our location.